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3225 Alta Mere Dr
Fort Worth, TX, 76116
United States


We are a custom dry cleaners and laundry located in Fort Worth, Texas specializing in cleaning and hand finishing fine garments, household items, area rugs, and the restoration and preservation of wedding gowns. Offering free pick up and delivery in Tarrant county.


Rug Cleaning

Kite's Cleaners is a certified Master Rug Cleaner, offering gentle yet effective cleaning for all types of area rugs. Your family deserves a living space free of allergens, pet odors and stains. With proper care your fine area rugs can provide years of pleasure, gracing households for generations.


Our Process

Cleaning can take from a few days to several weeks, depending on your rug. All cleaning takes place in the Kite's Cleaners in-plant rug cleaning studio on Alta Mere, an ideal environment for cleaning the finest to most basic rugs from around the world.  You can drop your rug off at one of our three convenient locations, or call 877-731-4063 to speak with our Rug Specialist about scheduling pick-up and delivery. From simple discolorations by food or beverage to the most troublesome pet stains, your rugs receive ideal care.   


Initial Inspection

Once your area rug arrives in the rug cleaning studio, our IIRC certified Master Rug Cleaner will begin the cleaning process with a detailed inspection.  This will reveal whether the rug is machine or handmade, what its likely country of origin is, and its fiber content. These are important factors when determining the safest and most productive method of cleaning. Visible pre-existing conditions such as stains, fading, bleeding or discoloration, mold, and pet odors are documented.


Dye Testing

Bleeding of dyes is caused by many factors.  It is not possible these days to look at a rug and determine by inspection alone that the dyes will not bleed.  This is why we test every rug before cleaning.  If your rug has 20 colors, we will do 20 dye tests.  If we determine your rug's dyes are likely to migrate, we will discuss alternative cleaning methods with you.

At this point we will call you with an estimate and discuss additional treatment options. 



Before washing your area rug, it is dusted to remove particulate soil.  Our professional dusting system is a gentle, yet highly effective way to remove literally pounds of dust, dirt and small particles from your rug, which are impossible to remove with the standard vacuum cleaner.   This dust often contains pet dander and dust mites which can cause respiratory issues, as well as silica which has sharp edges and can lead to premature wear and deterioration.  Thorough dust and abrasive particulate removal is one of the key reasons your rugs need to be cleaned every one to two years.



Deep cleaning, Deodorization and Stain Removal takes place in our custom-designed saturation pit.  As water flows gently through the rug, our rug technician uses specially formulated detergents to clean and deodorize.  Special attention is given to any stains or pet odors, treating them by hand to ensure optimal results.    



Rugs will hang or lay flat, depending on their size.  Gentle air movement helps them to dry evenly.  If needed, blocking is used to return the rug to its original shape and ensure that it lays flat when reinstalled in your home.



Once dry, your rug is groomed.  This hand finishing of the fringe and fluffing of the pile will restore the rug's soft feel and original texture.


Post Cleaning Inspection

After your rug is cleaned, we reinspect each fiber to assure the final result is to our standards of excellence.


Optional Stain & Moth Protection

Optional treatments include the application of Stain Protection and Moth Repellant.  


Call 877-731-4063 to speak with our Rug Specialist and to schedule a pick-up, or just drop your rug off
at one of our
three convenient locations.