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3225 Alta Mere Dr
Fort Worth, TX, 76116
United States


We are a custom dry cleaners and laundry located in Fort Worth, Texas specializing in cleaning and hand finishing fine garments, household items, area rugs, and the restoration and preservation of wedding gowns. Offering free pick up and delivery in Tarrant county.


Dry Cleaning: defined & refined

Dry in, Dry out.

Dry cleaning in its simplest form is the immersion of garments in a solvent or petroleum. The cleaning is done with a liquid but the solvent contains little or no water and does not penetrate your clothes like water in the washer. It is primarily used for wools, silks, linens and leathers. Using halogen-free, organic solvents, your clothes are put into our state-of-the-art machines dry and come out dry.  Solvents are recaptured and distilled, removing any dirt or impurities that were once in your clothes, and then reused. 


Kite's does not use perchloroethylene, a known carcinogen and the industry standard for years. Instead, we have chosen two types of halogen-free, organic solvents, which provides a brighter, healthier clean.