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3225 Alta Mere Dr
Fort Worth, TX, 76116
United States


We are a custom dry cleaners and laundry located in Fort Worth, Texas specializing in cleaning and hand finishing fine garments, household items, area rugs, and the restoration and preservation of wedding gowns. Offering free pick up and delivery in Tarrant county.

Shine, Shimmer, and Sparkle: Beware All that Glitters


Dispatches from the land of Clean.

Shine, Shimmer, and Sparkle: Beware All that Glitters

Nathan Kite

Ornamental trim like beads, sequins, pailettes, discs, glitter, rhinestones, and "nailheads"or studs may be affixed to the garment using thread, adhesives, metal or plastic settings, or may be stamped or pressed into the fabric. They could be made of plastics, glass, crystal, or metal.  All of which can pose different processing challenges.

Many of the plastic resins, pigments and finishes (including mirrored and metallic finishes) manufacturers use when fabricating the garment may react adversely to dry cleaning processes - even when the garment clearly recommends dry cleaning. That's why, regardless of what the label says, Kite's always invest the time and expertise by pre-testing to determine their serviceability. 

Also, it is not unusual for some of these plastics and coatings or the adhesive used to affix them to be heat sensitive.  This is more difficult to test for, and we will probably have to discuss with you alternate processing procedures before we proceed with cleaning. When shopping, we recommend you carefully inspect how any trim is secured to a garment.  Avoid items that are glued on, or whose stitching appears weak.